Information Security & Quality Policy

GVA Donal O Buachalla is a recognised leader in the provision of professional property management services in Ireland and the UK. Our organisation brings together the required core disciplines to ensure we provide the necessary combination of knowledge and experience in support of a broad range of client interests. Our principle objective as property management specialists is to serve as central solutions providers in order to deliver our clients planning and development goals.

Our in-house experience and supporting network, enable greater resource optimisation and utilisation, whilst protecting client confidentiality and quality specifications, reducing time to market and thus greatly enhancing operational and organisational performance. We possess the technology and capacity to provide full scope of services which means our clients don’t have to. Our comprehensive service solutions ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation and conformance in terms of quality and information security standards.

Strategically located in the centre of Dublin city’s professional services and with offices in Northern Ireland, our teams enable the capacity and flexibility to adapt to demanding client schedules. Our dynamic, professional and experienced workforce ensures that we consistently deliver the most efficient, cost effective and long-term solutions which conform to our clients unique specifications whether large scale corporate accounts, public bodies or individual clients. Our solutions may be tailored to facilitate all property management reporting requirements, challenges, needs and expectations.

Quality in planning and service delivery relies on three primary factors: skilled personnel, effective management, and a proven process. It is the policy of GVA Donal O Buachalla to provide a robust, secure and stable suite of solutions which best fits the client’s needs with respect to property management. Our professional services are based on the following precepts the basis of our core process objectives:

  • Sound Chartered Surveying principles.
  • Progressive application of industry standards and regulations.
  • Value for money and tight cost control with respect to final solutions.
  • Consistent quality management, discretion and client confidentiality.

In support of this policy, GVA Donal O Buachalla are committed to a process of continual improvement in all aspects of our professional property management services to include the provision of quality assurance and information security management consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Quality Management and ISO 27001:2013 standard for Information Security Management, the Data Protection Act 2003 and The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. To achieve this overall policy GVA Donal O Buachalla commits to providing all necessary resources, including finance, personnel, premises, staff, facilities and equipment to assure quality.

This policy is realised through effective management planning, constant feedback and liaison with our clients and through strict adherence and proactive continuous improvement via the framework of our integrated management system. The realisation of this policy is the responsibility of all GVA Donal O Buachalla team members.