Dublin City Revaluation 2014

The Valuation List for Dublin City has now been published and is effective from 1st January 2014. This Valuation List can be viewed on the Valuation Office website www.valoff.ie

Future rates will be payable based on a percentage of the valuations in the List. This percentage is known as the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV) and is determined by the Council.

The valuations are deemed to reflect hypothetical rents payable for each property as at 7th April 2011. Each occupier shall have received a Final Valuation Certificate indicating the valuation relevant to their property.

If you believe the valuation stated is incorrect there is an opportunity to make a “First Appeal” to the Valuation Office by 8th February 2014. A decision based on the content of this appeal should be made within 6 months of receipt of same. Any reduction in the valuation will be notified to the Council who shall refund any overpayment. Please note that valuations can increase as well as reduce on appeal and so it is prudent to seek advice.

A further opportunity to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal remains available, but only if a first appeal has been made.

Should you require further information in respect of this Revaluation process GVA Donal O Buachalla, as long-established rating advisers, would be delighted to assist you.