Commercial Rates

Ireland's leading Rating Consultants, with over 50 years’ experience in this highly specialised area, we have successfully taken numerous test cases on behalf of our Clients, challenging previously accepted principles, and thereby securing significant savings in all sectors of business and industry.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of properties – offices, retail, industrial, nursing homes, licensed & leisure, hotels, networks and utilities, airports, quarries, hospitals, stadia and racecourses. 

Commercial Rates or Business Rates have become a very substantial and increasingly complex tax on the owners and occupiers of commercial property and requires active management. The core objective of our specialist rating department is to ensure that our client’s rates liability is kept to an absolute minimum.

Key Services 

  • Revaluation
  • Revision
  • Global Valuations
  • Valuation Office Representations and Negotiations
  • Valuation Tribunal Appeals
  • Vacancy Relief Applications
  • Rates Exemptions
  • Budget Forecasting

It is essential that ratepayers ensure that their Rateable Valuations are fair and equitable and seek specialist advice to ensure that their interests are full protected. Also, strict timeframes and deadlines must be adhered to as part of the appeal process so early advice is recommended. 

We would be happy to explain in further detail should you wish to contact us.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown & 2021 Revaluation 

The Revaluation is intended to bring more equity, fairness and transparency into the local authority rating system by creating a much closer and uniform relationship between modern rental values and commercial rates payable. 

The Revaluation exercise is a redistribution of the overall rates burden so there will be increases as well as reduction incurred by individual occupiers. 

The following schedule outlines the various relevant dates for the upcoming Revaluations:

DunLaoghaire Rathdown Revaluation

Valuation Date: 16th September 2019
Proposed Valuation Certificates Issue Date: Q1 2020
Final Valuation List Publication Date: 15th September 2020
Effective Rates Date: 30th October 2020

2021 Revaluations

(affecting counties Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo & Donegal)

Valuation Date: 16th September 2019
Proposed Valuation Certificates Issue Date: Q1 2021
Final Valuation List Publication Date: 15th September 2021
Effective Rates Date: 29th October 2021 

Proposed Valuation Certificates are sent to occupiers prior to the effective date which gives the occupier time to review the proposed valuation and if necessary, the opportunity to contest the valuation by submitting Representations within a 40-day period of the certificate issuing. Following receipt of Representations, the Valuation Office will review the valuations before issuing the Final Valuation Certificates. The valuation in this certificate forms the basis of the future rates liability. 

An opportunity to appeal is still available following the publication of the new valuation list, if the occupier remains dissatisfied, by way of an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. 

Should you require any further information in respect of the Revaluation process, GVA Donal O Buachalla, as long-established rating advisers, would be delighted to assist you.

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2019 Revaluation 

Final Valuation Certificates have now issued and this revaluation is largely complete with the exception of any Valuation Tribunal appeals lodged on 14th October 2019. 

ARVs will soon be adopted by Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Cavan, Wicklow, Wexford, Tipperary and Fingal County Councils confirming the rates payable from 2020.